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Auto Focus International

 (514) 593-4333

Service in Montreal (near Laval)

At Auto Focus International, all our vehicles include powertrain warranty. Because customer satisfaction is our top priority, and since word-of-mouth is our most effective advertising!

Here are the components covered by the warranty:

ENGINE (Gas or Diesel): Cylinder block and all internal lubricated parts, including crankshaft and bearings, pistons, piston pins and rings, connecting rods and bearings, camshaft and bearings, camshaft cover, cylinder head covers, head gaskets, intake gaskets, all internal gaskets, valves, valve guides and springs, valve seats, rocker arm shaft, rocker arm stem and push rods, camshaft pulley, timing chain, oil pump and all internal lubricated components.

AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION: Case, oil pumps, rings of the oil pump, valve case, converter, modulator, governor or regulator, main shaft, clutches, bands, drums, gears, internal bearings, CV joints, internal gaskets, seals, filters and all internal lubricated parts.

MANUAL TRANSMISSION: Case, main shaft, gears, chain, pinion or sprocket, bearings, cushions, CV joints, internal gaskets, filters, seals and all internal lubricated components.

DIFFERENTIAL: Case, case carrier, gears, bearings, clutch connector, shaft axles and all the internal lubricated parts.

TRANSFER CASE (4x4): Case, main shaft, case carrier, gears, chain, pinion or sprocket, bearings, cushions and all the internal lubricated components.

FRONT-WHEEL DRIVE: Transmission case, case carrier, gears, chain, pinion or sprocket, cushions and all the internal lubricated components.

STEERING WHEEL: Case, rack and pinion link, power steering pump.

TOWING: Towing costs included within 50 kilometres of an authorized garage if the repair is covered by the warranty.

We also offer bumper-to-bumper warranties and warranties of up to three years.

Service appointment

Schedule an appointment for service in our specialized department, and benefit from expert maintenance and repair, every time!

Service and maintenance

You only need a few minutes to book an online appointment with our service and maintenance department at Auto Focus International. A member of our team will contact you quickly to confirm your appointment. We are located in Montreal (near Laval).

Business hours

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Directions to get there
Auto Focus International
3640 jarry Est, Montréal
QC, H1Z 2G5
 (514) 593-4333
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